辻井 重男 Shigeo Tsujii

中央大学研究開発機構 フェロー・機構教授/東京工業大学名誉教授 /(一社)セキュアIoTプラットフォーム協議会理事長

Fellow and Institute Professor , Research and Development Initiative/Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology/Chairman of Secure IoT Platform Consortium

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Aiming to build a “comprehensive science of information security”

1970年代後半から、本人認証や電子署名の基盤となる「公開鍵暗号」の研究を推進してきました。人はもとより万物が情報を発するSociety5.0環境下におけるDX社会の理念として、「真贋の判定こそはモノ層から社会層まで貫く」を掲げています。究極の本人確認のため、STR(プライバシーには関係しないDNA配列情報)及び、マイナンバーを公開鍵に内蔵する3階層公開鍵暗号を提案しています 。また、暗号技術を含む「情報セキュリティ総合科学」を構築する必要性を1990年代から提唱し、理念として「自由の拡大」「公益性の向上」「プライバシー保護」を掲げています。3つの理念を高度均衡化すべく、Management(管理), Ethics(倫理), Law(法) and Technology(技術) の頭文字を取り、互いの連携活用を進める「MELT-Up」 を唱えています。

Research on public key cryptosystem, which forms the basis for identity authentication and digital signatures, has been conducted since the 1970s. For a Society 5.0 environment, which involves information transfer between both people and things, the philosophy of the DX society is that the “determination of authenticity is the only way to progress from the material layer to the social layer.” As an ultimate identification technique, we propose a three-layer public key cryptographical system that incorporates STR (DNA sequence information that is not related to privacy) and an individual number into a public key. Since the 1990s, we have been advocating the necessity of establishing a “comprehensive science of information security,” including cryptography, based on three ideas, namely “expansion of freedom,” “improvement of public interest,” and “protection of privacy.” To achieve a high degree of equilibrium between these three ideas, we advocate the use of MELT-Up, which is an acronym indicating management, ethics, law, and technology , each aspect of which promotes the coordinated use of the others.

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Research 01



Real-Maximizing the certainty of the “real thing,” which is indispensable to a DX society, as the social infrastructure for life and property.

Ultimate identification using STR-DNA and an individual number


In the future, the individual number system will be connected to all bank accounts having transactions. To prevent fatal losses owing to loss or theft of an individual number card—which contains the private key of a public key—we propose a method that makes it impossible for a card to be stolen through impersonation, and that blocks its use even if stolen. To further increase the ultimate certainty of identity verification, we propose the use of STR-DNA, a method that employs human DNA sequence information.


Research Possibilities: what the research create to the World



All industries that handle personal information, including IT, telecommunications, government, healthcare, energy, and transportation

The theft of private keys is an important concern for individuals and organizations and can have devastating consequences. We believe that the proposed “three-layer public key cryptography” can be used to sufficiently guarantee security. We aim to build a social system that guarantees identity verification in combination with IT devices such as an individual number card, which is being promoted to all citizens as a national policy, as well as smartphones and PCs, which most people possess.

Research 02



Preparing for a case in which the currently popular public key cryptography is rendered obsolete owing to the progress of quantum computers.

Public key cryptography using higher-order multivariate polynomials to withstand quantum computing.


RSA and elliptic curve cryptosystems are public-key cryptosystems that are currently used for electronic authentication and digital signatures. It has become evident that these cryptosystems may be deciphered when the quantum computers reach the level of practical applicability. Although various methods have been proposed in recent years to address this, as a cipher that can withstand quantum computing, we have been promoting a sophisticated public-key cryptosystem, which we first proposed in the 1980s, in advance of the rest of the world.


Research Possibilities: what the research create to the World



All industries that build social infrastructures for handling personal information, including IT, telecommunications, government, healthcare, energy, and transportation

Public key cryptography is an indispensable technology for identification and authentication (authenticity assurance) of IoT/semiconductor devices. The benefits of using this technology are not restricted to administrative bodies and local authorities that handle highly sensitive information but extends to all companies that exchange information. The technology is also expected to be used by individuals in the context of the increasing self-management of information.

Research 03



We aim to achieve a high degree of equilibirum between the three principles of “expansion of freedom,” “improvement of public interest,” and “protection of privacy.

Establishment of “Comprehensive Science of Information Security” and “Information Philosophy

暗号技術を含む「情報セキュリティ総合科学」を構築する必要性を、1990年代から提唱しています。「自由の拡大」「公益性の向上」「プライバシー保護」という互いに矛盾相克しがちな3理念の高度均衡化を図るべく、Management(管理), Ethics(倫理), Law(法) and Technology(技術) の頭文字を取り、互いの連携活用を進める「MELT-Up」 を唱えています。

Since the 1990s, we have been advocating the need to establish a “comprehensive science of information security,” including cryptography. MELT-Up, which stands for management, ethics, law, and technology, promotes the cooperation and utilization of three contradictory and conflicting principles, namely the expansion of freedom, the enhancement of public interest, and the protection of privacy, to achieve a high degree of balance among them.


Research Possibilities: what the research create to the World



All industries that build social infrastructure

History is a process of expanding freedom. Hegel’s law, which states that “the expansion of freedom increases the conflict originating from contradictions in society,” is becoming increasingly real in Society 5.0, which is based on DX. We believe that the comprehensive science of information security needs to be shared in all industries, including thought and education.




Adin Research, Inc.


毎週、学界や産業界等の多分野からの参加者により、DX社会、サイバーセキュリティ等に関するゼミを開催し、討議しています。また、Beyond 5G/6G 環境における本人認証や暗号化鍵の安全な方式を提案し、電子情報通信学会で発表しました。

”Challenges of DX Society and R&D on Cryptographic Key Delivery.
Every week, seminars on DX society, cyber security, and other topics are held with discussions between participants from various fields such as academia and industry. Secure schemes for identity authentication and encryption keys in a post-5G/6G environment were also proposed and presented at IEICE


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (SCOPE)


「IoT デバイス認証基盤の構築と新AI手法による表情認識の医療介護への応用についての研究開発」

“Research and Development of IoT Device Authentication Infrastructure and Application of Facial Expression Recognition Using New AI Methods in Medical and Nursing Care”
This research is aimed at establishing an information security infrastructure supporting IoT, Big-Data, and AI, as well as conducting research and development, business model development, and social diffusion, and creating guidelines and standards for four layers (i.e., device, network, data management, and information service layers) centered on electronic authentication (authenticity confirmation). We have contributed to the development of a new technology. As applications in the information service layer, we ensured security through electronic authentication in medical and nursing care, and developed a basic theory of facial expression recognition using AI based on Riemannian geometry.

国立研究開発法人 情報通信研究機構(NICT)

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)



“Research and development of a public key system for inter-organizational confidential communications”
We proposed a method that is compatible with both the protection and use of confidential information and personal data in a cloud environment, and have conducted demonstration tests in Nagano, Niigata, and other prefectures.




・井堀幹夫 元市川市CIO「組織暗号なくして電子行政なし」
・堀部政男 一橋大学名誉教授「電子政府が実現したらすぐ個人情報保護に使えますよ」

“Information Access Authority Control Method:
A Proposal of Concept and Scheme of Organization-Aware Public-Key Cryptosystems (Type III of Public-Key Cryptosystems)”

We received the following evaluations from experts on our results.
・Ryuichi Yamamoto, Associate Professor of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo and President of the Medical Information System Development Center (at the time) stated the following:“Good for high-speed calculations. Information on patients with incurable diseases cannot be protected through anonymization and must be computed in an encrypted form.”
・Mikio Ihori, Former CIO of Ichikawa City, stated that there is “No e-government without organizational cryptography.”
・Masao Horibe, Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University, stated that
“As soon as e-government becomes a reality, it can be used to protect personal information.”





究極の本人確認のための3 層構造公開鍵暗号の提案 – 第 3 報–





Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology



Doctor of Engineering



Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology



Professor, Chuo University 


電子情報通信学会 会長

Chairman, The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers


中央大学研究開発機構 機構長

Director, Research and Development Organization, Chuo University


日本学術会議 会員

Member of Science Council of Japan



First President of Information Security Graduate University


中央大学研究開発機構 機構教授

Institute Professor , Research and Development Initiative



Member of Japan PEN Club



Chairman of the Board of Directors, Multimedia Promotion Center, Inc.



Chairman of the Board of Directors, Broadcasting Security Center



Chairman of Secure IoT Platform Council

その他、電子情報通信学会業績賞・功績賞、C&C賞(NEC)、大川出版賞、IEEE 第三千年記 記念賞、発明表彰等を受賞。

And also received the Achievement and Achievement Award from the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, the C&C Award (NEC), the Okawa Publishing Award, the IEEE 3rd Millennium Memorial Award, the Commendation for Invention ,and others.

Photographer:Kato Hajime Editor:Akina Horikawa

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